Coming Up on October 19, 2016

     A Concert Dedicated to Sacred Music

First Unitarian Universalist Church,

4700 Grover Avenue

10 AM



Featuring works by 

J. S. Bach, Stephen Vincent and Rosemary Carr Benét(poets),  Cario Castello, Christoph Gluck, GF. Handel


With Performances by

Toby Blumenthal, pianist

Gregory C. Eaton, guest harpsichordist

Marcia Edwards, pianist

Maxine Gomes, pianist

Kathryn Govier, pianist

Marianne Weiss Kim, soprano recorder

Elizabeth Arend Lerner, reader

Carolyn McColloch, pianist

Kay Race, pianist

Gregory Shields, violinist

Katherine Shields, soprano

Gena Tabery, pianist

John Walters, guest cellist