Coming Up on January 15, 2020

A Concert Featuring American Women Composers

10 AM

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, 4700 Grover


David Hammond from KMFA will speak about the new home for KMFA.

Letters of Clara Schumann read by Michelle d’Arcy

Meditation by Melanie Richards performed by Melanie Richards, pianist, and Tony Rogers, guest cellist

Duet: Conversation for Two by Melanie Richards performed by Rachel May, violinist, and Terri Freeland, cellist

Poems by Karle Wilson Baker from “My Green Tree”: 4. A Clear Night and 7. Texas Cowboy and a poem by Fenton Johnson: In the Evening (duet) – all put to music by Carlie Burdett and performed by Elise Ragland, soprano, Fran Rush, alto, and Maxine Gomes, guest pianist

Mazurka, op 40, no. 3 and Dreaming, op. 15 by Amy Beach performed by Felicity Coltman, pianist, and Barbara George, cellist