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Coming up in early April

musicmelange1April 6, 2016    10 AM

Featuring the music of

Blaz Pucihart, Johann Frederich Burgmüller, Alessandro Scarlatti, Jules Massenet, Alejandro Sills, Cole Porter

Location and Parking Info


Dr. Stephen Burnaman, guest pianist

Craig Casper, cellist

Jerry Conn, guest tenor

Sheryl Goodnight, flutist

Katie Kerwin, guitarist

Marianne Weiss Kim, soprano

Carol Koock, pianist

Virginia Raleigh, cellist

Melanie Richards, pianist

Melissa Ruof, violinist

Judy Trejo, violist

Catherine Van Zanten, violinist


Coming Up in Early March

NFMC Crusade for Strings Concert


     Featuring Music for Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, and  Piano


  Kevin Taylor, J. S Bach, Gabriel Fauré, Felix Mendelssohn, and Sergei Prokofiev

March 2, 2016 -10 AM

Location and Parking info



Bella Corda, guest guitar ensemble

Craig Casper, cellist

Robert Centano, pianist

Terri Freeland, cellist

Richard Kilmer, violinist

Betty Mallard, guest pianist

Rachel May, violinist

Melissa Ruof, violinist

Jeanne Sasaki, guest pianist

Gregory Shields, violinist

Ruby Jane Smith, guest violinist

Judy Trejo, violist

Catherine Van Zanten, violinist


COMING UP in Late February

Sacred Music Concert

Music by Bach, Handel, Mozart, MacGimsey, and Fettke

February 17, 2016  10 AM

sacred music

Location and Parking Infomation


Craig Casper, cellist

Felicity Coltman, pianist

Billy Corsbie, violinist

Maxine Gomes, pianist

Katie Kerwin, violinist

Isabelle Lipovski, pianist

Rachel May, violist

Madeline McCauley, soprano and choral director

Mary Parse, pianist

Melissa Ruof, violist

Angela Smith, cellist

Judy Trejo, violinist

Catherine Van Zanten, violinist


Coming Up in Early February


Featuring the music of Schubert, Brahms, Strauss, Doppler, and Chopin

February 3, 2016 at 10 AM

Location and Parking Information 


F. Chopin
F. Chopin
F. Schubert
F. Schubert


Valerie Fischer, guest cellist

Maxine Gomes, pianist

Brian Grothues, pianist

Anne Marie Palmer, guest pianist

Mary Parse, pianist

Dana Prater, guest flutist

Kay Race, pianist

Melanie Richards, pianist

Catherine Van Zanten, violinist

Pat Yingst, flutist



Coming Up in Late January


Wednesday, January 20, 2016  10:00 AM

Location and Parking Info


Karol Ann Badgett, Karle Wilson Baker, Carlie Burdett,  Emma Lou Diemer, Amy Marcy, MaryRogers, Ann Witherspoon


Karol Ann Badgett, guest pianist

Carlie Burdett, pianist

Suzy Gallagher, soprano

Greta Gutman, pianist

Nan Hampton, pianist

Carla Johnson, soprano

Lisa Shirah-Hiers,  pianist

Irene Travis, guest pianist