Competitions and Awards

Wednesday Morning Music Club supports young musicians by offering several competitions.


A competition for the Wilcox, Maurer, Putter and Rudd Awards for High School students in grades 9 through 12 is normally held yearly.

However, due to the pandemic, only the Maurer and Putter Competition for High School Seniors will be held this year.  We regret this, and are sorry not to make this opportunity available to 9th through 11th grade students.  We fully intend to resume our usual 9th through 12th grade competitions in 2022.

The Maurer-Putter competition will be held on March 20, 2021, with a NEW APPLICATION DEADLINE OF FEBRUARY 22, 2021.    Information and the application can be downloaded here.   

The High School Awards are supported by the club budget, individual contributions, earned interest, and the Steinway Piano Gallery of Austin.

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The 2019 Winners of the High School Competition are pictured here with Janie Keys (far left), WMMC President and Mary Parse (far right), High School Awards Chair.  The four winners are (left to right) Kellen Cao, pianist; Casey Boyer, violist; Katelyn Rodrigues, mezzo soprano; and Sophia Ayer, violinist.

          The awards for the high school competition are:    

           Minnie Sneed Wilcox Award    

          Jean Yarrow Maurer Award

           Maria de Waal Putter Award

           Sally Strawn Rudd Supplemental Award 


A competition for vocalists who are beginning a music career, is held biennially in odd-numbered years.     Applicants must be at least 22 years old and no older than 32.  Winners of this competition are awarded the Bonnie Cummins Fielder Grant for Career Advancement.

This competition will next be held in spring of 2021.  Live auditions will take place sometime in March of 2021 in Austin.    An application will be accessible from this page closer to the time of the competition.


A competition for Junior Club members (students of WMMC members) is held yearly in May.  The winners receive the Tempe Heinatz Award.


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