Coming Up on March 15

A  Concert called “Anything Goes”

10:00 AM



Location and Parking Info

Works by

Johannes Brahms, Amy Beach,  Sergei Rachmaninoff, Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, David WIlborn, Fritz Kreisler,  and Robert Muczynski


Performed by 

Melanie Richards, pianist

Rachel May, violinist, and Felicity Coltman, pianist

Catherine van Zanten, violinist, and Kay Race, pianist

Carter Cook and Brian Green, guest trombonists

Marcia Edwards and Kathryn Govier, pianists

Martha MacDonald, clarinetist,  Terri Freeland, cellist, and Felicity Coltman, pianist






Coming Up on February 15

NFMC Crusade for Strings Concert

10:00 AM  


Location and Parking Info

Featuring performances by:

The Silver Stings Orchestra, Katherine van Zanten director
BIlly Corsbie, violinist, and Katie Kerwin, guitarist
Judy Trejo, violist, and Janet Laughlin, guest pianist
Terri Freeland, cellist, and Robert Centeno, pianist
Gregory Shields, violinist, Ruby jane Smith,  guest violinist, and Betty Mallard, pianist


Coming Up on February 1, 2017

A Musical Mélange

Location and Parking Information 


Featuring the music of: 

 Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849),  Robert Schumann (1810-1856),  Benjamin R. Hanby (1833-1867), John Jacob Niles (1892-1980), Madeleine Dring (1923-1977)

Performed by:

Maxine Gomes, pianist

Kathryn Govier, pianist

Phylis Noonan, pianist

Charles Palmer, baritone

Mary Parse, pianist

Andrew Ross, guest oboist

Katharine Shields, soprano

Pat Yingst, flutist


With a book report by:  

Gena Tabery,  author

Coming Up on January 18, 2017

A Concert Dedicated to American Women Composers

Karol Badgett
Janet Gardner     
Carly Burdett
Lisa Shirah-Hiers

Location and Parking Info


Performances by

Karol Ann Badgett,  guest pianist

Carlie Burdett, pianist

Martha Cook, soprano

Carla Johnson, soprano

Carolyn McColloch, pianist

John O’Neil, guest bassoonist

Brian Peterson, guest clarinetist

Danelle Sasser, guest flutist

Felipe Valls, guest marimbast

Jessica Valls, guest double bassist




Coming Up for Christmas

Christmas Coffee, Concert, and Singalong


Honoring Associate, Honorary and Distinguished Service Members 

9:30 AM on December 21, 2016

Location and Parking Information 


Featuring Works by 

Ferdinando Carulli, Thomas Woodruff (poet), Darrel Mayers, Robert Schumann, Joseph V. Eichendorff (poet), John Jacob Niles, Johann Daniel Falk, Irving Berlin

and Performances by 

Klaus Bichteler, bass

Jerry Conn, singalong leader

Asako Crystal, pianist

Kathryn Govier, pianist

Darrel Mayers, guest guitarist

Carolyn McColloch, pianist

Tony Morris, guest guitarist

Charles Palmer, baritone

Mary Parse, piano

Thom the World Poet






Coming Up on December 7

A Concert Dedicated to Chamber Music

December 7, 2016  10 AM



Location and Parking Info

Featuring Compositions by:

Amadeus Mozart, Johannes Brahms, Franz Schubert, and AlbertPérilhou

 And Performances by:

Beth Blackerby, guest violinist

Toby Blumenthal-Phillips, pianist

Robert Centeno, pianist

Felicity Coltman, pianist

Daniel Chrisman, guest bassoonist

Terri Freeland, cellist

Barbara George, guest cellist

Brian Grothues, pianist

Rachel May, violinist

Carolyn McColloch, pianist

Leah Nelson, violist

Pat Yingst , flutist








Coming Up on Nov. 16

NFMC Parade of American Music


This meeting is at our usual location

 Location and Parking Info

Featuring the music of 

L. Moreau Gottschalk, Stella Sung, Irving Berlin and Gabriel Grovlez

With performances by 

Jeffrey Blair, guest narrator

Felicty Coltman, pianist

Angelica Lopez, pianist

Maxine Gomes, pianist

Martha MacDonald, clarinetist

Carolyn McColloch, pianist

Betty Mallard, pianist


A tribute  to our American Armed Forces

Madeline McCauley, choral director




Coming Up on November 2


First Unitarian Universalist Church

4700 Grover

10 AM


 Music from Scotland, France, Germanyand Russia

Featuring compositions by

Frederic Chopin, Paul Taffanel, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Robert Schumann, and Alexander Scriabin

And performances by

Austin Scottish Country Dancers, Sarah Harriman, Director

Dr. Stephen Burnaman, guest pianist

Sheryl Goodnight, flutist

Kathryn Govier, pianist

Isabelle Lipovski, pianist

Melanie Richards, pianist


Coming Up on October 19, 2016

     A Concert Dedicated to Sacred Music

First Unitarian Universalist Church,

4700 Grover Avenue

10 AM



Featuring works by 

J. S. Bach, Stephen Vincent and Rosemary Carr Benét(poets),  Cario Castello, Christoph Gluck, GF. Handel


With Performances by

Toby Blumenthal, pianist

Gregory C. Eaton, guest harpsichordist

Marcia Edwards, pianist

Maxine Gomes, pianist

Kathryn Govier, pianist

Marianne Weiss Kim, soprano recorder

Elizabeth Arend Lerner, reader

Carolyn McColloch, pianist

Kay Race, pianist

Gregory Shields, violinist

Katherine Shields, soprano

Gena Tabery, pianist

John Walters, guest cellist




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