Wilcox Award

The Wilcox Award was established in 1945 to perpetuate the memory of Minnie Sneed Wilcox, who founded the club in 1923 and served as president until her death in 1941.

Recipients of this award are the first and second place winners among the 9th through 11th grade contestants in the high school   competition.

The first place winner  will receive  a Wilcox Award of $800.  The second place winner will receive a Wilcox Award of $700.

Many former winners now enjoy important musical careers.  The Wilcox Awards are supported by the club budget, individual contributions, and earned interest.  In 2007, the funds were substantially increased by donations to the Wilcox Maurer Friends Campaign, and by a large contribution from club member Maria de Waal Putter.


Winners of the Wilcox Award since 2005 are as follows:

2018  Eliot Kim, Violin ——— Kevin Yu, Piano

2017  Margaret Seo, Violin ——–  Corbin King, Tenor

2016 Jonathan Qi, Piano  ——– Isabelle Hsiao, Piano

2015  Eunice Lee, Piano  ——   Juhee Suh, Violin

2014  Grace Song, Violin  ——  Edward Wang,  Piano

2013  Rebecca Chen, Piano  ——  Daniel Smarda, Flute

2012  Christopher Henselman, Piano  ——  Edward Wang, Piano

2011  Steven Lai, Piano  ——  Wells Leng, Piano

2010  Danny Chen, Violin  and Katie Velasquez, Flute (tie)  ——  Jessica Hwang, Piano

2009  Michelle Suh, Violin  —–  Danny Chen, Violin

2008  Jonathan Chang, Violin  ——  Jonathan Torkelson, Violin

2007  Nola Lu, Piano  ——  Christina Torkelson, Piano

2006  Stephanie Chen, Piano  ——  Joseph O’Hara, Saxophone


“Keeping the music alive for the future.”

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