Coming Up in Early May

Concert: “Music…Notes to the Future”

Works by J. S. Bach, Robert Schumann,  CesareBixio/Ennio Neri, Eduardo Da Capua/Giovanni Capurro, Ernesto de Curtis, Alfred Uhl, Carlie Burdett

(except for the first two, these composers were alive during the 20th century)

May 4, 2016  10 AM


Performances by 

Martha Carapetyan, guest violist

Robert Centano, pianist

Terri Freeland, cellist

Kathryn Govier, pianist

Susan Groves, pianist

Martha MacDonald, clarinetist

Betty Mallard, pianist

Rachel May, violinist

Charles Palmer, baritone


NFMC National Music Week is May 1-8