Maurer Award

The Jean Yarrow Maurer Award was established in 1985 to perpetuate the memory of this Distinguished Service member of the Wednesday Morning Music Club.  A pianist and teacher, Jean gave devoted service to the club through her invaluable literary and musical knowledge until her death in 1985.

This award of $3000 is given to the first place 12th grade graduating senior in the high school competition


Past winners of the award since 2005 are as follows.  Since 2013, the second place senior receives the Putter award so is not listed here.

2023 Minkyung Kim, Piano

2022 Weiran Jiang, Violin

2021 Elliot Kim, Violin

2020 (Contest cancelled due to pandemic.)

2019 Casey Boyer, Viola

2018 Claire Kim, Piano

2017 Eunice Lee, Piano

2016  Dohyun Kim, Baritone

2015   Grace Song, Violin

2014    Dolores Derksen, Violin

2013   Jacob Asmussen, Piano  

2012   Danny Chen, Violin   ——   Rebecca Teng, Flute

2011  Katherine Velasquez, Flute  ——  Danielle Suh, Cello

2010  Emily Fung, Piano   ——  Miya Kodama,  Piano

2009  Alexander Yau, Violin  ——  Christa DeFries, Violin

2008  Eric Chen, Piano  and  Christina Torkelson, Piano  (tied for 1st) 

2007  Stephanie Chen, Piano and Michael Qian, Piano  (tied for 1st) 

2006  Megan Welker, Soprano  ——  Dohee Min, Flute



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