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The Tempe Heinatz  Award was established for Junior Club members in 1974 and named in 1977 for the club’s Distinguished Service member, Tempe Heinatz, whose devotion to junior musicians spanned the years.  Prior to 2007, winners received scholarships to summer music camps.  In 2007, eligibility rules changed requiring achievement of All State at the State Festival and auditioning for judges from the club.  The award is supported by the club budget and individual contributions.

2016 AWARDS 

The 2016 Tempe Heinatz Award Auditions were held on Friday, June 3 at Steinway Piano Gallery.  WMMC Member Janie Keys listened to the 4 participants and awarded the following:

Division I

William Clift-$30.00   Student of Yulia Klueva

Division II

Phoebe Surmadi-$40.00   Student of Valentina Klueva

Omeed Tehrani-$40.00   Student of Asako Crystal

Division III – no entries this year

Division IV

David Truong-$50.00   Student of Asako Crystal


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Winners of the award since 2007 follow:

2016     David Truong , Phoebe Surmadi, Omeed Tehrani, William Clift

2015    Alisha AHmed, Juhi Malwade

2014   Michael Chong,  Kim Tan,  Britney Pham-Vu,  Serena Etienne

2013  Jason Darmawan, Mariell Schneider, Alex Tan

2012  Serena Etienne,  Melissa Wijona, Varun Adiga

2011  David Truong,  Erica Donnelly

2010  Caleb Lee,  Austin Thompson,  Jasmine Lin

2009  Nayan Shashidhar, Sang Lee,  Charlie Gao

2008  Erica Donnelly,  Derrick Ngo, Tyler Jacks, Audrey Nguyen

2007  Diptoroop Murherjee,  Dan Yang


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