Photos – April 3, 2019

Angela Smith and Marianne Weiss Kim with Laurie from Small Wonders Puppet Theatre
Charles Palmer singing and talking through Irving Berlin’s life.
Charles and pianist Kathryn Govier take bows after the Irving Berlin Love Story
Fran Rush sings “Nobody Makes a Pass at Me” by Harold Rome
Greta Gutman and Fran Rush take bows after their performance of the Harold Rome song
Suzy Gallagher singing “I Can Cook Too” by L. Bernstein
Suzy Gallagher and pianist Greta Gutman take bows after performing a Bernstein song
Small Wonders Puppet Theatre’s Joan Klasson with friend
Joan Classon and Laurie from Small Wonders Puppet Theatre
Frank Sinatra with Small Wonders Puppet Theatre
Silver Strings players take bows
Carolyn McColloch – pianist for Silver Strings
Sarah Harriman and Marcia Edwards doing a reading together
Program Leader Carol Brannon
President Janie Keys

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